How To Sell A Stamp Collection

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Stamp Collection
Selling and valuing your stamp collection

Many non-collectors find themselves in the unenviable position of having to dispose of a once treasured stamp collection of a dearly departed relative. Perhaps their father, mother, aunt, or uncle was engaged in the hobby for decades, and when they passed away, it came to them. Because most folks know next to nothing about philately (stamp collecting), the prospect of selling a collection that took years to assemble can be overwhelming. What if you make a mistake and give the stamps away for a fraction of their value? Since many sons and daughters are charged with this task by a parent, the surviving spouse, getting a fair sum takes on added importance.

With that in mind, here are four options that will help you ascertain the true value of the collection and dispose of it in short order.

Philatelic Traders Society

A member organization with around 450 authorized dealers in the UK, these experienced professionals abide by the society’s code of ethics, which ensures honest appraisals and fair market value for any item they offer to buy. For those who are unfamiliar with stamp collecting, these experts can provide a wealth of knowledge, advice, and selling options. With member dealers throughout the UK, it should be easy enough to find a buyer in your area; though we strongly recommend getting at least three quotes, since different dealers may offer different prices based on their wants and needs. Read the rest of this entry »